Solutions For Any Scenario

Intellicom has partnered with only the best suppliers who lead our industry in quality products and CCTV services. Control your business 24/7/365 with our comprehensive CCTV Business Security Solution. Intellicom has been offering video surveillance to local business for years. Our full-time, on-site technical staff will deliver, install and train you on the how-to-use and monitor your installation.

The Benefits of Security Cameras

This is not a “big box” do-it-yourself product that "might work." This is a HD commercial CCTV solution that will protect your office, inventory and staff. If helping to improve safety practices or monitoring rapidly moving inventory-rich environments, Intellicom can customize a “visual practice” that works. Protecting your staff, assets and overall business practices is always an important foundation moving forward. We can help. Ask how our customized solution will meet your needs and goals. With a variety of cost effective offerings, we can help ANY SIZE organization, deploying a peace-of-mind protection plan that “works.” ​

commercial CCTV solutions that will protect your office, inventory and staff


Access Video Backups

24/7 Live Monitoring

Increase Security Coverage

System Integration

Reduce Security Cost

System Diagnostics


Viewing Whats Going On In Your Business

Intellicom providers simple to complex CCTV solutions that provide your business with valuable monitoring of valuable assets. In the United States, property theft occurs every 3.9 seconds (FBI 2015). If there is a vulnerable spot in your business security network, criminals will find it and exploit it. We are here to help you correct and prevent problems before its too late.

Protecting Your Business

The importance of having a well built CCTV surveillance network is beneficial in providing a safe environment for employees and customers. Surveillance systems discourage theft, vandalism, liability scams, and other illegal or undesirable activities that negatively impact your business.

Solutions Built For Any Size Business

We address your unique business needs to create a system that is built from scratch or improves your current security network. Our expertise in working with both Analog and IP Surveillance ensures that you receive an optimal solution that addresses your security needs. Our integration specialists will assure that your equipment performs seamlessly in your business environment.

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