Telecommunication services for any size business

Clear Communication is an essential requirement for any business, talking with employees, employers, contractors, clients, and consumers should be handled efficiently and reliably. Currently business of any size can enjoy the telecommunication features and services that were once only available to large scale corporations with big budgets. Intellicom provides affordable solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs, we consult with you and recommend and implement cost-effective telecommunication systems that integrate into your business operational procedures.

Cost-effective telecommunication systems

The recent advancements in cloud networking and city infrastructure has increased the ability for telecommunication industries ability to offer a diverse range of services that reduce cost when compared to traditional phone and networking systems. Small businesses can save money by switching to a service such as a cloud hosted VoIP system because it allows much of the technical infrastructure to be handled by a third party, reducing the need to hire employees to manage it.

Enhance your businesses capabilities with a professional phone system that is modern and integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Intellicom offers cloud-based and on-premise business phone solutions that offer advanced features, easy setup, and reliable service at an affordable price. Intellicom phone systems deliver a set of powerful enterprise-level features that are tailored to small and medium businesses. We have features that include virtual attendants, custom greetings, voicemail to email all delivered at a fraction because of the low cost of ownership.

Small business security and access control systems provider

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