What is a Cloud VOIP Phone System?

Cloud phone system solutions take your business to the next level. Take advantage of integration and application driven technology in an ever-changing feature rich platform today. If it’s customization, contact centers, call flow changes, or critical applications that you must manage, it's all available in the cloud... and the best part is, it is only a click away! From increased productivity, flexibility or easy collaboration, you can deploy a global enterprise for a manageable monthly fee. Let an Intellicom expert walk you through the process.

Why Choose A Cloud Phone System

No need to purchase on site server hardware, just SIP enabled IP phones to connect to the application and cloud solution you choose. The cloud will allow you to customize, manage and deploy only these business specific technologies as you need them, all while offering cost savings along the way. Hosted cloud solutions are a great way to equip your organization for the future. Start today and manage your organizations needs with peace of mind as you grow your organization. Business is never easy, but phone solutions in the cloud can be.

business phone system with a future-proof voice over IP solution that is hosted entirely in the cloud.


Call Screening

Music On Hold


SMS / Texting

Call Screening

Call Detail Reports

Do Not Disturb

Multi Device Connectivity

Voicemail To Email

Auto Attendant

Voice Activated Directory


Increase Business Productivity

A VoIP phone system will provide you with the ability to simultaneously ring multiple devices such as a desk phone, mobile device, and departments. Achieving this feature with a traditional phone system would require multiple phone lines and additional equipment that would increase cost and maintenance.

Increase Business Efficiency

VoIP phone systems provide growth assistance to businesses by allowing for adding additional local phone numbers in an area code that you select without the need for additional physical systems or a presence needed in that location. VoIP phones provide immediate growth potential when compared to a traditional phone system there can be additional charges for call forwarding and country/regional fees, which are not present with VoIP applications.

Reduce Operational Cost

VoIP phones include portals that help you manage a system and perform user level changes that easily allow for the execution of administrative duties. Adding users, moving, changes and deletions can all be done easily without the need for a technical person.

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