What is Unified Communications?

Optimizing integrated business practices while increasing productivity is a great way to explain “Unified Communications.” We can deploy enterprise services like chat, SMS, mobility, presence, video, desktop, and artificial intelligent-driven designs in an easy-to-use architecture for ANY business. Unified communications is not just a single service, but a set of products that provide a consistent unified user interface and experience across multiple devices and applications. Let us design, customize and offer the right UC solution for your business. Don't get boxed into a “one size DOESN’T fit all” application from just anyone. We are experts and we understand what is needed. Call today – we are happy to help.

Unified Communication built for Collaboration, Communication, Messaging and Mobility


Faster Communication

Superior Reliability

Instant Messaging


Reduce Geographic Barriers

Improve Collaboration

Live Chat

Web & Video

Better Customer Service

Remote Capability

Premise Management


Systems Built to Scale

Business systems require a range of services from equipment to software that need to address a complex set of needs. Unified Communication systems improve your ability to scale your business internally and globally

Predicable Operating Costs

Companies that leverage a Unified Communications System have the ability to outsource the time and labor involved with managing a communication infrastructure.

Enterprise Level Resources

Companies of all sizes can benefit from enterprise-level communication solutions. When your company grows a Unified Communications provider such as Intelicom offers the support you need to ensure you make the right decisions.

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