Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security is an important investment for businesses because it protects your most valuable customer, employee and company data from the outside world. We help keep bad actors out of your network with tools including firewalls, antivirus software, malware protection, and encryption that makes your data useless to someone without the digital access key. We provide a managed security service and offer training so your employees can be more aware of how to protect your business network and data.

Protect, Detect, and Respond

An effective Cyber Security service provider will conduct regular assessments to make sure your network is performing safely. We provide you with visibility into your network so that security holes and vulnerabilities can be remediated quickly and effectively. We conduct penetration tests and simulated attacks that verify your business is resilient.

If your network has a breach, our team is ready to move in quickly and remediate the vulnerability and stop the attack. We perform after attack forensics to uncover the exact cause of the problem and address it immediately. We notify you as soon as possible and remain in contact with you during the process.

Partnering with Intellicom's security experts ensures that you are taking a proactive approach to defending your company from cyber attacks. Intellicom offers Cybersecurity-as-a-service which includes everything you need to protect your business from cyber attacks. We assess your unique business objects and risk profile to provide services that are best fit for your business needs.

Intellicom offers cyber security services that protect your network from intruders



Penetration Tests

Malware Protection


Regular Assessments

Persistent Monitoring


Protecting your business from security threats

The internet has completely reshaped how business should consider protecting their data. Technology is moving at a rapid pace and bad actors are constantly evolving how they attack networks. We provide the latest tools, and techniques to combat cybersecurity threats and ensure your security.

Identify and remove security threats immediately

Intellicom has partnered with the industries leading Cyber Security providers to incorporate cost-effective methods that effectively secure your business and make it ready to perform in today's threat landscape.

Intelligent network threat monitoring

We provide you with Cyber Security solutions that include Cyber hunting missions that are designed to identify artifacts that are in isolation, and appear benign, but may indicate an attacker’s presence on a network. Using intelligence to break down an attacker’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), we determine exactly what to look for at a granular level. Our highly skilled and experienced cyber analysts can then systematically patrol the environment for any evidence that an attacker has been active, which dramatically accelerates detection.

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