Corporate Telecommunications Solutions

Telecommunications and Data infrastructure is essential for companies to thrive. An effective telecommunication system will play a vital role in attracting and retaining a solid customer base. When a business first talks to a prospect to closing the deal, keeping the lines of communication open while keeping overhead costs down is crucial for success. Efficient communication solutions providers such as Intellicom consult you to provide a group of services that combine together as one complete package that is supported and handled for you.

We provide 24/7 IT support. 365 days a year

Intellicom provides a full range of business telecommunications services that are priced to fit any budget. We help you keep your maintenance and overhead low while keeping a competitive edge that is essential to your businesses to succeed in today's aggressive marketplaces.

We combine voice and data over a single internet connection, we available disaster recovery solutions that back up your information and continue to function even if the internet is down. Intellicom helps businesses increase customer service performance while decreasing the need to hire more employees. Our solutions empower your business to increase collaboration between different departments.

If its important that your employees stay connected when they are away from the office such as visiting customers, working at home or traveling than a Telecommunications prover such as Intellicom can help you. We provide solutions integrate a diverse network of services, addressing your needs from complex to simple.

We are a team of professionals with over 38 years of experience helping business just like yours excel while leveraging the latest technology. We combine services so that you have one point of contact for all your telecommunications needs, need a new phone? no problem we assist you along the way so you always are ready to perform at your best.

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