Business phones For Construction Companies

Intellicom offers business phone systems for construction companies, we understand that it is vital that you balance and properly manage a lot of tasks on any given day. Whether you need to contact suppliers, meet with clients or manage your staff across multiple sites, communication is critical to your success. Construction companies often manage multiple projects, this requires managers to be out in the field often making multiple calls. As your company grows and more projects are added and more people join the team, having a secure, reliable and effective communication network will allow you to scale properly.

Phone systems designed to scale

Construction companies need a phone system that integrates with multiple services such as project management tools, call routing to mobile phones and much more. Making and receiving mobile calls using your business line is essential, easily allow a receptionist or virtual phone assistant to transfer calls to managers. Intellicom has worked with a variety of projects in the construction industry, as a supplier of construction phone systems and access control systems we have the experience required and knowledge to provide you with the right solution. We have CCTV coverage options for you to prevent theft and break-ins to your equipment and job sites.

Intellicom has worked with large brands that require reliable, secure and efficient telecommunications solutions. Whether you need to enhance an already built infrastructure or build a new one we provide you with the right solutions to improve internal and external communication. A Hosted VoIP phone system is often a great choice for construction companies because it provides the benefits of VoIP with the ability to still make calls if the internet is down. A Hosted VoIP system provides employees with instant access to information using a mobile app directly on their phone.

Talk with Intellicom today, we offer several options for you to build your entire companies voice and data infrastructure. We offer flexible plans that incorporate intuitive business solutions with enterprise features while saving you money.

A construction planning document that includes setting up security camera locations

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