What is premise hybrid phone systems

On-site premise hybrid phone systems allow you to take full advantage of the stability in an on-site hardware solution. With the best-of-both worlds at your fingertip, you can take full advantage of the digital and IP design. This reliable, affordable platform delivers feature rich options in a scalable, unified communications server. With IP or digital phone options, you can tailor your costs to ensure you have the best-in-class pricing guaranteed.

Built for any size organizaiton

We understand that the cloud isn’t for everyone, and with that idea, we offer you a wide range of on-site options that can be tailored to meet your needs and applications today and in the years ahead. This flexible, low cost architecture allows for unlimited SIP calling plans, PRI or standard voice lines connected as you need them. And, since many of you are in carrier contracts, you need not worry. You can connect to what you have today. There is no need for you to change your current carrier relationship. Premise hybrid IP solutions will fit into any long-term business strategy. All of this in a hybrid IP solution that you can manage. Let us show you how this flexible hybrid offering can provide the features you need "outside of the cloud."

On-site premise hybrid phone systems service provders


Voice Mail to Email

Outlook Integration

Call Center (ACD)

Remote Locations

Cell Integration

IP / Digital

Call Recording

UC Applications

Mobile Extension

User Programmable GUI

Instant Messaging

Softphone Deployments


Lower costs over several years.

Owning an on-premise business phone system will increase your upfront cost because of the hardware costs. When compared to a hosted VoIP solution, the additional upfront cost of acquiring the hardware will overtime be offset and cost less when compared to a hosted VoIP solution.

The ability to have two different types of dial tone service.

A typical small business may have two or three traditional phone lines, one of these lines may be reserved as a SIP trunk that is delivered over the internet. If one service type goes down such as the internet than a SIP trunk would not be able to connect. An on-premise phone solution would still be able to make and receive calls by using traditional phone lines.

More control and more flexibility over your phone system.

When you own your own PBX (Business Phone System) you have the ability and control over making changes to the system or changing VoIP providers.

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