We Develop A Unique Plan

Intellicom’s team of certified cable engineers will help you design, plan and execute your in-house wiring solution to meet your voice and data demands. From single point connections to fiber riser deployments, we understand the need for a solution that works the first time and every time.

Data Center Or Building Networking

Make sure you provide your business with the best platform for success. Let us help. We can deliver Cat 5E, Cat 6, single or multi-mode fiber applications, riser and data center deployments. We understand how to do it and insure it works – and, yes, we make sure the environment delivered is what you need when you need it. Ask us how we can help.

We install and manage your networking infrastructure


Strategy Planning

Infrastructure Planning

Auditing Infrastructure

Vender Management

Cloud Integration

Identifying Requirements


Consideration Important Design Decisions

Building the right cabling system for your network is a complex process that takes careful planning. At Intellicom we build your system to run reliably so you can focus on growing your business. We build network systems that ensure your network is running as efficiently as possible with best in class cable and software available.

Creating an Effective Plan

At Intellicom our goal is to provide exceptional telecommunications and data services that excel at meeting client expectations. We start the process by gathering data, identifying requirements and collaborating with our clients to create plans that support key requirement metrics. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to help you begin your digital transformation.

Addressing Your Business Needs

As a telecommunications and data solutions provider, we excel at managing our clients day-to-day business needs. With the rapid evolution of new technologies and the daily challenges that arise, Intellicom is committed to offering transparent monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting while your network thrives

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