How Technology is Changing The Health Care Industry

The Healthcare industry is changing rapidly, with the progression of Big Data and Cloud Computing its essential that Healthcare providers consider the benefits that modern communication and network solutions can have on business. Healthcare providers that consider upgrading their communications and networking infrastructure will be able to embrace the benefits of cloud computing, safer data storage, faster networks, improve communication, enhanced security and much more.

Approximately 280 million Americans own a mobile phone and even more have access to the internet. The Healthcare industry has progressed to adopt the communication landscape of 2019 and beyond to connect with people where ever they are. Information and communication technology (ICT) connect healthcare professionals with patients fast and easy via Email, smartphone, webcam, online telemedicine, and monitoring systems.

The future of Health Care with Telemedicine

The terms 'Telemedicine' and 'Telehealth' are used to explain the use of two-way video consultations and the transmission of healthcare data between professionals and patients. Tele-monitoring technology is used to monitor vital signs and symptoms remotely. The benefits of Telemedicine include reducing company operational costs and reducing waiting times for patients in waiting rooms.

The benefits of using a diverse set of technological solutions for a Healthcare provider include backing up patient records to the cloud and being able to restore all business data and operational logistics if you are unable to access a certain area. Intellicom has partnered with industry-leading service providers to provide a diverse network of solutions that integrate seamlessly while staying compliant and secure.

Health Care technology strategies

Intellicom connects your business with our diverse network of professionals that bring together insights into the future trends in healthcare services, and the impact that technology will have on patients and professionals. We develop new approaches to Healthcare IT strategies that incorporate data analysis to allow you to tackle complex issues operational issues.

Healthcare IT service provider

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