Hotel Telecommunications

Hospitality providers such as hotels require a diverse range of connected devices that include security cameras, access control systems, and phone systems. We understand that speed, security, bandwidth, and reliability are important for your business to succeed. We analyze your requirements and build robust systems that can scale on demand to meet your highest capacity.

The hospitality industry requires best in class services that have high availability. We understand that your clients may be a family on vacation or a business person on a business trip. Providing your guests with reliable telecommunications and networking infrastructure will increase your reviews and ensure customer satisfaction.

Determining the appropriate telecom equipment for your business can be a complex decision, it is vital to identify the right equipment for your needs. Intellicom provides a full suite of services and we take careful consideration in planning accordingly to address your most complex requirements. A great Hospitality system incorporates messaging systems such as voicemail, wake up calls, and general information messages. Streamlining your internal communication is vital for your business to perform at its best and we address both your customer and business operations needs.

Excellent Customer Experience

Offering excellent customer experience is vital for hotels and hospitality providers, often Hotels need to control the budget and increasing operating costs. The need for a more connected Hotel has quickly increased costs which require the right management and human resources to address properly. Hotels that focus on incorporating the right telecommunications and network infrastructure will increase staff efficiency to meet customer requirements promptly and provide a delightful experience.

Today the world is highly connected, customers expect services promptly and without hassle. Hospitality service providers are now expected to offer enterprise-level communication services to guests during their stay which includes high-speed internet, security systems, automated process, data access control, and internet access. This increased demand for Hospitality providers has added additional cost which requires the right investment into infrastructure that takes time and skilled professionals to handle properly.

Intellicom empowers Hospitality providers to build excellent technology infrastructure for their customers and staff. We introduce a comprehensive range of telephone, security, and networking solutions that integrate seamlessly.

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